What Can Egg Whites Be Used For?

Many of us at some point or other have had leftover egg whites and just thrown them away because we just do not know what to do with them. In fact there are a multitude of uses for egg whites and perhaps we should just spend a little bit of time appreciating them more than we do. Here are some ways that you can incorporate those egg whites into your life and not feel guilty about binning them.


 Add Them into Your Diet:

Egg whites can form a nutritional part of a variety of types of diet. They have several benefits as they are very low in calories (approximately 17 calories per large egg white), free from fat and full of proteins. Many people who exercise add them into their diets as the high protein content assists with bulking out and repairing muscle post exercise.

Egg whites are more or less a guilt free option when it comes to diets. They can be used in many ways both sweet and savoury and can also be mixed into smoothies, which makes them exceptionally quick and easy to use, especially when these days you can buy liquid egg whites in bulk from places such as proteinfoodsdirect and other health food suppliers.


Make Them Part of Your Beauty Regime:

Egg whites are full of goodness so it stands to reason that using them as part of your beauty regime is going to be beneficial. Egg whites can easily be made into an excellent home-made facemask which will help to improve the elasticity of your skin. Egg whites contain approximately 69 different types of proteins.

These are bound to benefit the condition of your skin. You can add different things to the egg whites to make a different type of face-mask according to your skin type. Adding something like lemon for oily skin will be beneficial, as will avocados for dry skin. Do some research and get the best face-mask recipe for your skin type and it is bound to become a regular part of your routine.

Be Crafty:

It is unlikely to occur to most people to use egg whites as part of the creative process but they actually make magnificent glue if you ever run out. Because of their sticky consistency they make a perfect glue substitute.

They also make a good mixture for crafts such as papier mâché when you mix the egg whites with water, flour, alum and sugar. You really can make the most beautiful things with the unlikeliest of ingredients when you put your mind to it.

There are many more ways that you can incorporate egg whites into your life. Just think of all of those baking opportunities! Next time you have leftovers, think a little, and do something new.