Top Health Foods Available In Australia

Australian food is drawn both from the native society and those inspired by the colonialists. Indigenous foods were inspired by a the natives who were hunters and gatherers. The other tastes were influenced by the British and the Irish. With Australian Visas these can be enjoyed.

1) Bush food

This refers to any food both meet and vegetable which was and is used by the Natives for sustenance, and medicinal purposes.
- Meat under this category includes Kangaroo, emu, crocodile, fish and shell fish.

a) Kangaroo.

This delicacy has drawn approval from Australian Heart Foundation as it contains low fat.

- Its other nutritional advantages include high contents of protein, zinc, iron and Omega 3.

- Besides that it is obviously soft and delicious.

- With reasons above it is a favourable substitute for other meats.

- it can be used as steak, fillet, in burgers and sauces and any meal that requires meat. It is cheaper than beef.

b) Emu

This has drawn approval from the American Heart Foundation, as a good substitute to beef.

This works well for those who wish to substitute beef without losing the taste as it is compared to the taste of lean beef.

- Unlike beef its content of cholesterol, calories and fat is low that is of same proportion as poultry.


- It is also rich in iron, Proteins and vitamin C.

- Its oil has a myriad of benefits such as promoting inside out healing of burns, thickening the skin hence reducing aging, among others.

- It is an excellent meat choice for athletes.

c) Crocodile

Different Crocodile parts have different benefits to the body.

- The meat is of low fat and cholesterol content but high in protein.

- It is beneficial to the heart, lungs and blood circulation; it also cures asthma and cough.

- The skin is rich in pectin which helps cure and prevent osteoporosis, it also improves skin quality.
It is eaten with the meat.

- The bones are rich in calcium and phosphorus which is good for curing osteoporosis among the old and rheumatism.

- The tail has high content of colloid that is good for physical fitness and skin improvement.

- The heart has a number of benefits as it promotes mental stability, circulation of blood and reduces pain. It also treats coronary heart problems, angina and myocardial ischemia.

- Its gall bladder is good for cancer patients such as bone cancer, liver cancer, and bladder cancer.

Roasted dinners

Also called Sunday roast, this has a lot of British; especially Irish influence. It is traditionally served on Sundays but can be taken any day.

- It contains roasted beef served with roasted or mashed potatoes.

- It goes together with Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, gravy and vegetables.

- Yorkshire pudding has batter that has eggs, milk and flour.

- The roasted dinner is a whole meal of balanced diet as it consists of all the necessary components such as carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.

Australia has a variety when it comes to food, a number of native fruits include: quandong, ribbery, wattleseed, lilliepillies among others. These aforementioned and other foods make Australian diet a recommendation for any person from all walks of life so long as Australian visas are in place.