A Larger Share of the Market is going to Alcohol Free Beer

Ordering yourself a cold beer of the alcohol-free variety is now seen as a more acceptable thing to do socially than it was five years ago.

A new report commissioned by AB InBev UK, the brewer of alcohol-free market leader Beck’s Blue, found that 59% of adults polled would be perfectly happy to drink it on a night out with friends.

49% of those who took part in the poll believe that alcohol free beer has increased in popularity recently, however, more than half of those questioned admitted that they haven’t tried it


The main reason, for choosing to drink an alcohol-free beer, reported by 46% of those polled, was being the designated driver for the evening.

39% of people claimed they had simply tried the drink out of curiosity.

AB InBev UK says it offers alcohol-free Beck’s Blue as part of its commitment to responsible drinking.

However, it seems consumers are increasingly becoming receptive to the product and are purchasing it out of choice rather than necessity!