5 Myths About Restaurants

Restaurants are idealized for amazing food in unique environment. Dining out or simply buying food through a drive through can still leave you in a little suspicion about the health benefits and other matters concerning the food’s quality and prices.There are certain myths about restaurants which people have in mind. Here we’ll discuss 5 such myths which are very common.

Less Healthy Food at Restaurants

Generally, the food at restaurants looks and smells appealing. The food is tastier and different from the regular food we cook at home. But there are opinions that the food cooked in the commercial kitchens often use unhealthy ingredients which are high in calories and fats. Eating a whole meal involving sidelines and starters plus salads can raise your daily calorie intake.

Having so much offered in one person’s meal, you have a bit of everything on your platter and you eat them without considering the fact that you are eating greater than what you require. Deeply fried food seasoned with fatty ingredients and additives like mayonnaise or cheese makes your mouth water, but it might not be a healthy option for you to eat.

However, this isn’t true for all restaurants since there are various eateries, cafes, and restaurants such as Spoke and Steele that never choose to compromise on quality and health. Though healthy food is guaranteed, they offer a wonderful range of authentic food and drinks inspired by the best of Indiana’s craft. Such restaurants are led by the ingenuity of chef made cuisines and simple mix of ingredients to best suit your taste buds and health. We suggest you do give a try to those restaurants that have good ratings and reviews.

Pricing Varies

Different restaurants offer food according to their decided menu specialities. Some of them are fast food restaurants, while some are continental and multi-cultural restaurants. Their prices vary according to the type of food. Often people think that eating some fast food is quick stomach filler and seems cheaper than dining in a restaurant. While if other aspects are considered, healthier food costs a bit expensive but it offers benefits of good health too.

Food Preparation in Restaurants

In some of the restaurants, there are food assembly lines in which workers heat the food, arrange it and deliver frozen food to the kitchens. The cooking time required to prepare the order is then reduced to a great amount then what it takes to cook from scratch. While people may associate this with food kept in stock since a long time, this is not necessarily the case. Highly recognized restaurants ensure that the raw ingredients they have remain fresh for their visitors.

Nutritional Information Disclosure

Legislation was passed that restaurants should disclose their nutritional information about the food they generally offer for sale.  It was found that not all restaurants could abide by this due to difficulties such as getting the nutritional information about all dishes printed on the menu cards as well as online brochures.

Secondly, there are certain special dishes offered by the restaurants which are made as per order so there are no particular nutritional information charts available for them.However, you can have a rough idea of the nutrition information of food by inquiring about the ingredients of the cuisine you order.

Restaurants Have the Correct Serving Size per Person

Whenever you order at a restaurant and you are hungry, the big sized platter having good amount of food seems mouth watering. You feel that you are getting more for paying less. This is a common myth because it’s actually not so. When you’ve started eating and you’ve eaten enough, you still find that usually you leave over a certain portion of the meal and that’s because the platter contains food good enough for two people.