Where to Become a Holistic Nutritionist

A holistic nutritionist’s job is to plan healthy food and nutrition options and educate others on the benefits of eating natural whole foods. They study the importance of eating whole foods to keep the body healthy and strong. Holistic nutritionists also focus on what we shouldn’t eat, foods that harm us and cause diseases. They focus on a patient’s entire life as opposed to simply the reason why they are ill. If you are interested in herbal medicine and want to help people eat healthier this is a great career path for you to journey upon. You will have to obtain a holistic nutrition degree before pursuing your career options.

Many schools offer holistic program opportunities for students. If you currently live in or around British Columbia, the Pacific Rim College Holistic Nutrition diploma program may be the best choice for you. Their goals are to fully prepare students for a career in holistic nutrition by teaching them how to make people healthier through nutrition, the importance of superb food knowledge, and many other factors of nutrition. In the Pacific Rim College Holistic Nutrition diploma program you will study courses such Horticulture and Biochemistry.

There are other wise choices when it comes to pursuing your holistic nutrition degree. If you live in the state of Washington in the United States, Bastyr University is an excellent choice. They provide their students with the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor of Science in holistic nutrition as well as a Master’s of Science. They focus primarily of the psychological effects that foods have on humans. Students can take courses such as the production of whole foods, herbs and supplements, as well as diseases caused by nutritional factors. This college provides a wide variety of opportunities for their students.


Another great school for students looking to get their holistic nutrition degree is John F. Kennedy University in Pleasantville, CA. This program is approved by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and is one of the highest ranked holistic nutrition colleges in the United States. They provide students with Bachelor’s and Master’s degree options with studies in herbal medicine and the beneficial factors of eating whole foods. A student can expect to take other courses in biochemistry as well as food preparation.

There are many options available for students interested in holistic nutrition. If you are in Canada, the Pacific Rim College Holistic Nutrition diploma program is your best bet. However Bastyr and John F. Kennedy University are both great options if you are a student studying holistic nutrition in the United States. Regardless of what school you choose, you will be receiving the best possible education in a growing field.