Aggie Catholic Ambassadors

What are Ambassadors?

The Aggie Catholic Ambassador program focuses on the virtue of gratitude. These students have benefited from the graces at St. Mary’s and are eager to say “thank you” to those who give back. As the representative students of St. Mary’s, Ambassadors show appreciation to our donors at prestigious and exciting events, but also through humbler means such as phone calls and letters. Because of the variety in responsibilities, this program will foster strong leadership and communication development among its members.

Positions are filled by members of the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Classes. 


What makes an ambassador?

The Qualities of an Ambassador

  • Committed to improving leadership and communication skills

  • Eager and capable of speaking to new people in both small and large group settings

  • Passionate about St. Mary’s and the furthering of its ministry

  • Eloquent in their speaking and writing abilities

  • Appreciative of the graces found at St. Mary’s

Opportunities of an Ambassador

  • Growth in leadership and spiritual qualities through bi-weekly Ambassador Meetings

  • Host & interact with St. Mary’s donors and students at events both local and remote

  • Representative of the St. Mary’s student population

  • Show gratitude through: In-person engagement, handwritten thank you notes, and calls

Leadership Team


Charlie McCullough ‘22 | President
Mechanical Engineering
Allen, TX

The vast majority of Aggie Catholic students come in and out the doors of St. Mary’s without ever taking a moment to stop and think about the great generosity that made their experience possible. Everything from the lights and air conditioning being on, to the marvelous staff, to the building surrounding it all is possible because of a generous gift from the donors of St. Mary's. As an Aggie Catholic Ambassador, not only have I been gifted a deep awareness of this generosity, but I have also been given a platform to say “thank you.” This awareness has been the most rewarding part of my position. Never again can I walk into a large ministry meeting, attend a retreat, or pray in the church alone without taking a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the gifts that made that experience possible. I am so grateful for the donors and permanent parishioners that have given of their time, talent, or treasure for the students here, and it is an honor to give back to them through the Aggie Catholic Ambassadors program.


Xavier ‘22 | Vice President
Computer Science
Grapevine, TX

My role serving as an Aggie Catholic Ambassador has given me the unique ability to say thank you to everyone who has made my time at St. Mary’s possible. The sacraments and ministries of St. Mary’s have had such an impact on so many lives, and as an Ambassador, I get to tell prospective parents and students, local community members, and our generous donors about the wonderful community we have here. After 3+ years, my time at St. Mary’s has given me lifelong friends and made me into a better, holier person, none of which would have been possible without the generous contribution of our donors. The example of the people I have met through ACA, whose selflessness and wisdom are unmatched, have inspired me to continue to spread and live into the mission of St. Mary's - forming missionary disciples for the church and the world.


Lily Pham ‘21 & ‘22 | Social Chair
Plano, TX

I joined Aggie Catholic Ambassdors as a way to serve the place that has shown me grace upon grace, year after year. It's been such a blessing to be able to say "thank you" to the donors and permanent parishioners that have made experiences like mine possible for all Aggie Catholic students. During my time as an Ambassador, I've gotten the opportunitiy to form relationships with our selfless donors and hear stories that inspire me to be just as generous with and grateful for the gifts I've received.

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