New Church Construction Updates

February 18, 2022

Another riveting video update of the New Church that'll steel your heart away. Let me-tal you, we're anxious waiting for that dome to go up on top in March, but we're steel ironing out the details of exactly when that'll happen.


February 4, 2022

IT'S OUR DOME! We're still waiting to receive the Our Lady of Victory statue that will be placed on top, and then we expect to have the dome placed on top of the steel before mid-March. You can also see the steel progress of the back of the church in this video. Closer and closer every day!


January 14, 2022

On this day, the four bells were lifted up into the bell tower. As construction continues, the bells will not be easily seen because of the protective material covering them, but once construction is completed, the bells will be visible through the windows and viewable from all directions.

Stay tuned for more details regarding the construction of the dome!


December 17, 2021

Lots of progress in just a week! We're expecting over 80% of the steel structure to be complete by the end of January. We can't wait to see how that looks (and to show you too)! Thank you for your continued prayers for the construction of our new church.


December 10, 2021

Steel, steel, and more steel! It's exciting to see our church start to make its way vertically! We'll have more drone updates as the weeks go on so you can keep track of this progress. Keep the construction team in your prayers!


November 12, 2021

Praise God for holding the rain off long enough for us to pour our slab! It’s such a big step for construction, and crews worked relentlessly to ensure that enough was finished before the heavy rain started. We’ve also got a Vatican flag on top of the big crane (and an A&M one too, but that one will be up soon!)


October 29, 2021

Big week coming up! As shown here, the crew is laying down carton forms to prepare for the pouring of the slab later next week. In addition, you'll see at the end of the video that we'll have a webcam monitoring construction from here on out. Stay tuned for Fr. Will's November Roadmap early next week!


October 22, 2021

Getting closer to that slab! The concrete trucks came today to completely finish pouring the grade beams. The concrete slab is set to be poured on November 2. It will bear on the piers that are already installed underground. One more update next week, and then we’ll have Fr. Will’s November Roadmap!


October 15, 2021

More updates from the past week! Perimeter grade beams (the green tarping) continue to be poured. We have about 30% more to fill in the next week or two. The area for the bell tower is complete, and the elevator pit is being formed as well. All of the excess dirt around the lot will be used to fill and grade around where the rosary garden will be. All the white powder (lime) stabilizes the soil after rain so that construction can continue through difficult weather.


October 1, 2021

Want to see how weather can slow down construction? Look no further — we had heavy rainfall Thursday night through Friday morning. Stay tuned early next week for an October construction roadmap from Fr. Will!


September 24, 2021

Grade beam work (the light blue areas) continues! This will go on through late October. The trenches near the top of the picture house electrical, AV, and security. Plumbing underground will start this upcoming Monday.


September 17, 2021

In this video, you'll see that all 162 piers are complete and in the ground. In the southeast corner, we're forming up and pouring of the first set of perimeter grade beams. Gray conduits sticking up signify the Transformer Pad location where secondary power will go from the transformer into the building.

Over the next several weeks, grade beam installation will continue as well as underground electrical and plumbing.


August 24, 2021

In August, steel was tied together to form piers for the New Church. During that time, we were able to drop saint medals into the drilled holes as we prayed for the safety of our workers and the church itself. More video and photo updates to come!



Summer 2021

August 13, 2021

Not too much to report this week, but that’s because the next two will be pretty busy. As shown in the picture, the trenches have been covered, and the dirt work has been finalized so that we can start tying together steel as we prepare for the first piers to be drilled. Stay tuned for next Friday!


August 6, 2021

Lots of updates this week! In this footage, you can see the trucks finalizing pad site preparations so we can meet the requirements we need in order to drill piers in a couple of weeks. We're also running labs tests for moisture content and compaction.

In addition, you'll see plenty of storm drains around the perimeter, and near the end of the video, you'll see a spot near and under Church Ave where we've tied in our FDC, fire line, and domestic water.

Next week, we'll get steel deliveries that will allow us to pre-tie the pier steel, which will lead up to drilling piers the following week.

Lots of stuff going on! Keep our New Church Project in your prayers!


July 23, 2021

Gradually making progress! More dirt work in the main parking lot, and more of the additional parking lot now covered by asphalt. On the road, they're doing underground utility tie-ins (storm water, sanitary, and water supply). We appreciate your prayers and construction continues!


July 16, 2021

Lots of activity on the New Church lot! This week, we started breaking up the asphalt in the main lot and transferring it over to the grass lot behind the Student Center to make way for more parking. Please keep the construction of our new church in your prayers! We'll continue to update you with progress, and soon, we'll have a live webcam available for you to see as well.


July 7, 2021

The first phase of construction — clearing out the curbs and landscaping — was completed. Parking shifted to the other half of the lot as well as at the Breen Deck/Volleyball Court. Asphalt will be broken up soon!