Let’s Talk About…

Rewatch our talk series given by our former associate pastor Fr. Greg Gerhart as he breaks down some of our faith’s “hot topics”

Let’s Talk About Porn

To follow along with the slides, visit bit.ly/aggiefreedom. Whether you're struggling with this sin or not, knowing the prevalence, addictive nature, and ways to overcome pornography is essential to being a disciple of Christ today. Listen to be equipped to embrace the freedom that Christ has won for you and to help others do the same.

Let’s Talk About Beer

Fr. Greg dives into what the church teaches about the consumption of alcohol. He explains and reflects upon the ways in which alcohol can be consumed appropriately.

Let’s Talk About Dating

Fr. Greg gave a talk that focused on a Catholic approach to dating, sex, and marriage. If you would like to follow along with the slides as you listen you can go here.