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In response to the question, if you could sum up the week in one word or phrase, what would it be?  A former mission trip participant replied with, “ordinary—what we did, as extraordinary as it was, should be a part of our ordinary lives, serving our brothers and sisters that are in front of us.”

The Mission Trips

Our priority is always the safety of our students and those we will encounter on mission. Please be aware that all mission trips will operate within COVID guidelines deemed necessary by St. Mary’s and the mission organization. These guidelines and trips are subject to change at any point during the preparation process. If anything changes with the current nature of our mission locations, we will make decisions as needed. As of now, we have brainstormed ways to offer mission and work with these organizations while keeping safety in mind.


South Texas

This is our 5th year traveling to South Texas on a domestic mission. During this trip, we open our eyes to the needs found right here in our own state. We plan to serve in the McAllen/Harlingen area, along the border, working with immigrants and serving in the impoverished communities.



This will be our 3rd year serving with Catholic Charities in Denver, Colorado.  We will join Catholic Charities at their various homeless shelters throughout Denver. Their shelters seek to serve men, women, and children facing homelessness and walks with them on a path toward self-sufficiency.



This will be our 11th year serving with the Missioners of Christ in Comayagua, and rural mountain villages in Honduras. We will visit homes of those in the communities we visit and host programs at the local churches. It is a powerful week meeting our family in Honduras.

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