Parking Updates

Please scroll down to see a map of current available parking

Permits are currently sold out.

Please go to this page to join the waitlist.

Current Parking Logistics

Weekend Mass

Parking for Weekend Mass is available at all of the green locations on the next map. This includes:

  • Left side of the main parking lot

  • Behind the JPII Event Center

  • Breen Deck/Volleyball Court parking lot

  • The 505 building to the left of St. Mary’s

  • The large College Main parking garage

We encourage you to carpool if possible. As parking will remain limited during construction, we also ask that if you are able, please concede the closer parking spots to the elderly as well as those less able to travel long distances by foot.

Sunday Parking.jpg

Monday-Friday | 7 AM - 4 PM

The green on the next map signifies paid or permit parking. Hourly parking is only available on the left side of the main parking lot. Permit parking includes the left side of the main parking lot, the green area adjacent to the yellow staff parking, and the Breen Deck/Volleyball Court parking lot.

Free parking for Daily Mass includes the green areas.

The yellow on the adjacent map signifies parking for St. Mary’s staff only.

Weekday Parking.jpg