Ways to Give

Your gift ensures that St. Mary’s Catholic Center and all its various ministries continue to thrive and support our mission to form apostles for the Church and the world today and for years to come!

How can you give to St. Mary’s?

Annual Giving is the cornerstone of our development program and our ongoing fundraising efforts that support student ministries and operations.

Campaign and Major Gifts are contributions made towards specific projects or endeavors to further enhance our ministries, including building projects. From time to time, these projects or campaigns afford donors the opportunity to name objects or areas for their loved ones and family. 

Planned Giving, also called gift planning or legacy giving, is any major gift made in lifetime or at death as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning.

Annual or Campaign Gifts


Gifts of Cash

The most convenient form of giving, cash gifts may be made in the form of currency, checks or by a credit card. Cash gifts are deductible for donors as allowed by law.

Match Donors

Please consider joining a unique group of families by making a gift of $5,000 or more as a Match Donor for one of our matching challenge events. These match challenge events occur three times annually: Fall Matching Collection, St. Mary’s Gives in November, and Spring Matching Collection. With your help, the combined amount is used to challenge donors and “double the impact”. 


Direct gifts of securities, especially appreciated stocks, can offer substantial tax savings. By giving appreciated stock, you may give a larger gift at less cost. 

Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)

When you make a gift to St. Mary’s as a QCD from your individual retirement account (IRA) or Roth IRA, you do not recognize the transfer as income. Funds gifted from your IRA will NOT subject your Social Security income to higher tax levels and will count toward your annual required minimum distribution (RMD). If you are 72 or older, you can make a gift from your IRA up to $100,000 per IRA owner or beneficiary. Checks must be made payable directly by your IRA administrator to St. Mary’s Catholic Center. Contact your tax advisor to determine if this is appropriate for your situation. 

Living Faith Society PNG blue.png

The Living Faith Society is St. Mary's online monthly giving program. It supports the ongoing operational needs of our ministry. By giving through the Living Faith Society, your gift will support everything from the student organizations, ministries, retreats, and counseling!

For your support through the Living Faith Society, you will receive our quarterly LFS newsletter on all things Aggie Catholic, including invitations to LFS special events!


Planned Gifts


Are you ready to leave a legacy at St. Mary’s Catholic Center that will benefit students and our Mission of forming apostles for the Church and the world for years to come? By including St. Mary’s as part of your long term financial and/or estate planning, an endowment gift will benefit St. Mary’s and our students tomorrow and beyond through the Aggieland Catholic Foundation. We offer a variety of meaningful ways for you to remember and honor your loved ones, relatives, and friends, as well as meaningful recognition for your generous support! 

For assistance, you can print our Planned Gift for St. Mary’s Intent document to help guide you or call our Development Department to speak with us!



Bequests are the most common way to make a gift to St. Mary’s Catholic Center through your estate. Simply add a provision in your will or trust designating either a specific amount, a percentage, or all or part of the residue of your estate to St. Mary’s. Bequests provide flexibility in that they allow you to make a gift commitment now by including a provision in your will or trust while preserving the right to make changes at any time in the future should your circumstances change. Certain bequests in trust are not subject to estate taxation.


Individual Retirement Account Beneficiary Designation

You can name St. Mary’s Catholic Center as a beneficiary to receive your IRA or other retirement assets during your lifetime. Rather than donating retirement assets during your lifetime, the benefits multiply. Neither you, your heirs, nor your estate will pay income taxes on the distribution of the assets. 

Charitable Remainder Trust

You can establish a separate life income trust to provide either a variable or fixed income, creating a charitable deduction for the remainder interest donated to St. Mary’s Catholic Center. Your gift ensures that St. Mary’s Catholic Center and its various ministries continue to thrive and form apostles for the Church and the world.

JPII Legacy Society Logo - Color no border.png

When you support St. Mary’s through a planned gift, we welcome you to our distinguished St. John Paul II Legacy Society (JPII Legacy Society). This is a way to recognize past and current gifts that have been given to support St. Mary’s Catholic Center by creating a legacy for years to come. The JPII Legacy Society consists of Aggie Catholics who have given gifts that come in a variety of ways: bequests, the designation of St. Mary’s as a beneficiary through a planned gift, or a major gift to support the future success of St. Mary’s. JPII Legacy Society members are honored annually at St. Mary’s Honors celebration.

You can learn more by contacting Jessica Koeneman at jkoeneman@aggiecatholic.org.