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Students, need to advertise something?

Please note: this promotion page is for student organizations only.
The request form is at the bottom of this page.

How you can advertise

Aggie Catholic Weekly

These are St. Mary’s bulletins, which are given out at every weekend Mass. Due to the limited amount of space, most Weekly options will focus on events going on that week. On slower weeks, we may be able to include events further out. View a sample.

Delivery: The Weekly is given out after Mass on Saturdays and Sundays.

Submission Deadline: The Monday preceding your requested weekend


Every Monday, we send out a Flocknote email to our subscriber base, which includes students, permanent parishioners, and other people that have signed up for these updates. In the email, we first detail special events going on that particular week, and then we follow it up with other events that are coming up. Sign up for the Flocknote.

Delivery: Flocknotes are emailed on Mondays around 2:00 PM.

Submission Deadline: The Thursday preceding your requested Flocknote (4 days out)

Instagram/Facebook Stories

Every Monday, we post Stories specifically detailing special events going on that week. Those stories will be Featured on our Instagram page throughout that week. If you have an image you would like us to use, please email it to

Delivery: Mondays at 10 AM

Submission Deadline: The Thursday preceding the requested Monday (4 days out)

Mass Announcements

  • Daily Mass: Please email with any requests

  • Sunday Mass: Space here is limited and will most likely be reserved for staff announcements. Our communications team will determine if your announcement can be read on Sunday

  • Mass Announcements: send Sunday and daily Mass announcements to staff advisor or the receptionists at or staff can submit them in appropriate documents. (FYI: Sunday Announcements are limited)


Posters can be printed to hang in classrooms in the Student Center and in the church. Poster art approval must go through the Communications Team. If you would like us to make a poster for you, please email us your request at least two weeks ahead of time.

Promo Request Form

Upon approval of your request, we will advertise your event in every possible avenue (though posters require a special request). However, due to space restrictions, we may not able to advertise in every way listed above. Within 24 hours of your form submission, we will reply to your email address with a confirmation of how we’ll be able to advertise your event!

Please write as though this is the final copy of the promotion