Event and Room Reservation

This room reservation form is for St. Mary’s organizations only. If you are an outside organization wishing to rent the facilities, please contact our front desk (979-846-5717).

What to Check Before Reserving

  1. Our reservation calendar. Make sure the date and time you are wishing to reserve is free before making the request. If you are making a request for an event that will happen within 5 days, there is no guarantee that your request will be able to be approved or added to the calendar.

  2. Our Rental Guidelines document. We cover closing times, decorating, furniture use, kitchen use, cleanup expectations, and more.

  3. Do you need a priest? Please fill out this additional form. We will do our best to ensure that a priest will be able to be at at least one of your events, but we cannot make any guarantees depending on availability.

  4. Room Setups. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see what room setups are available for your event.

Notes About Specific Rooms

Using the Church or Chapel

To have a meeting or event in the main Church or in the Hannigan Chapel you must first get the request approved by the Liturgy Coordinator - David Ojeda before it will be placed on the calendar. Contact dojeda @aggiecatholic.org at the beginning of your planning to set up a short meeting about the proposed event.  A few things to keep in mind:

  • Parish liturgical & sacramental functions (Mass, confessions, weddings, funerals, daily adoration, etc.) always have priority.

  • There is not full sound isolation between the church and the music room. You will be able to hear the choir practice in the church (and choir practices can't be canceled or moved).

  • If your event requires use of the sound system, a member of your group must be appointed to be responsible for that aspect before, during, and after the event (don't assume that anyone will be available to help the day of the event). This person should contact Mike Macicek ahead of time to learn what they will need to know about using the mics, mixer setup, ipod plug-ins, etc.

  • If there is any liturgical aspect to your event, discuss it with David ahead of time and designate a person from your group to be responsible for the proper care and use of liturgical items.

  • Also be aware of the need to talk with David for guidelines to follow regarding the use of decorations, candles, etc. in the church/chapel.

Using the Music Room

The church's Music Room is not available for group meetings or events. However, if your group has a music staff preparing for a retreat or event it may be possible for them to practice there (around the needs of the liturgical choirs). Contact mike@aggiecatholic.org. Reminder: Room 205 in the student center has a piano and can be reserved by any group or music staff.


Room Setups

*Banquet round tables are only available in the Event Center, Activity Center, and Room 211.

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