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Construction Photo/Video

More progress is being made every week. Check out this page to see the latest aerial photos and videos alongside explanations of the latest work.


Available Naming Opportunities

There are plenty of naming opportunities, both large and small, for the New Church. Make a lasting impact on the students in Aggieland and receive an honorarium listed in the building.

Fr. Will’s Roadmap

At the start of each month, Fr. Will will sum up the previous month’s work as well as give us a sneak peek of what’s set to be finished in the month ahead.


Concept Art

Check out this page to see some detailed renders of the exterior and interior as well as artwork. These renderings are concept-only and are subject to change.

Beauty and Encounter Initiative

Browse our beautiful brochure that details myriad aspects of the church, showcases concept art, and more. Pleas share the link with family and friends!


The Ceremonial Groundbreaking

We were blessed to share the ceremonial groundbreaking with students, parishioners, benefactors, and Bishop Vasquez on May 19. Reminisce by visiting our photo album documenting the day.

Naming Opportunities

Large Items

Rose window: $2.0 million
Pipe Organ: $2.0 million
Dome & Mary, Our Lady of Victory statue: $1.0 million
Crucifix above altar: $1.0 million
Transepts (2): $1.0 million each
Triumphal Arch: $1.0 million
Narthex: $1.0 million
Bell Tower: $1.0 million
Baptistry: $500,000
Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel: $500,000
Six Corps of Cadets Walking to Mass at St. Joseph in Bryan statue: $500,000
Tabernacle: $500,000
Porte Cochere: $500,000
Altar of Repose: $250,000
Ambo: $250,000
Ciborium: $250,000
Prayer Garden: $250,000
Vesting Sacristy: $250,000


David Statue: $150,000
Isaiah Statue: $150,000
Moses Statue: $150,000
Elijah Statue: $150,000
St. John Statue: $150,000

Stations of the Cross

3rd Station: Jesus falls the first time: $100,000
10th Station: Jesus' clothes are taken away: $100,000

Painted Mysteries of the Rosary

4th Joyful - The Presentation: $50,000
1st Sorrowful - Agony in the Garden: $50,000
2nd Sorrowful - Scourging at the Pillar: $50,000
3rd Sorrowful - Crowing with Thorns: $50,000
4th Sorrowful - Carrying the Cross: $50,000
5th Sorrowful - Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord: $50,000
2nd Glorious - Ascension: $50,000
3rd Glorious - Coming of Holy Spirit: $50,000

Bells for Bell Tower*

20" Bell: $50,000
*Donor to pick saint associated with individual bell


King David: $150,000
St. Cecilia: $150,000
St. Scholastica: $50,000
St. Benedict: $50,000


Pillars: $50,000
Columns: $25,000
Pews: $15,000 each
Chairs: $10,000
Kneelers: $5,000
Stars: $5,000
Name on Donor Wall: $5,000



If you are interested in learning more about how you can help this campaign, please contact a member of our Development Staff:

Frank Shannon, Executive Director of Development (fshannon@aggiecatholic.org)

Lizett Hawkins, Director of Annual Giving (lhawkins@aggiecatholic.org)

You can also call us at 979-846-5717

The Ceremonial Groundbreaking

603 Church Ave, College Station, TX 77845
Wednesday, May 19, 2021

To see the full photo album, follow the link below!

(L-R: Fr. Chris Smith, Bishop Joe Vasquez, Fr. Will Straten)

(L-R: Fr. Chris Smith, Bishop Joe Vasquez, Fr. Will Straten)

Render of new church and parking lot

Render of new church and parking lot


Special Thanks

Bishop Joe Vasquez
Diocese of Austin

Priests in Attendance
Fr. Augustine Ariwaodo
Fr. Barry Cuba
Fr. Andrew Dinh
Fr. Ryan Higdon
Fr. Albert Laforet
Msgr. John McCaffrey
Fr. Brian Phillips
Fr. Paul-Michael Piega
Fr. Will Straten
Fr. Chris Smith
Fr. Leon Strieder
Fr. Celso Yu

Special Guests

Ed and JoAnn Davis
Co-Chairs of the New Church Campaign

Michael O’Quinn
Chair of Building/Planning Committee

Fr. Chris Smith
Associate Pastor

Fr. Will Straten

Ruth Vanoye
Permanent Parishioner

Ryan Vaughan
Pastoral Council Co-Chair

Sam and Lynette Morrison

Ralph and Linda Schmidt

Don Stewart

Mark and Lisa Stewart

Shelley Tortorice

Gary and Bebe Young

The Impact of St. Mary's




Total estimated Catholics at Texas A&M (25% of student population)


Students participating in retreats


Students involved in organizations, weekly


Aggies who were Confirmed in 2019-2020 school year


Aggies who became Catholic through RCIA last year


Former students serving as FOCUS missionaries




Aggie priests


Aggie women in religious life


Aggie men entering seminary each year (on average)


Aggie men in formation (priests or brothers)


Aggie women in formation


Aggie priests ordained last year


Fun Facts


Typical home football weekend Mass attendance


Typical weekend Mass attendance


Typical daily Mass attendance


Days of the week Reconciliation is available


Former pastors who are now bishops


Bishops who were former students